• Upakul Talukdar

Top 7 mistakes to avoid while renting a self-drive car in Guwahati

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Are you thinking to rent a car in Guwahati for your upcoming adventure? Make sure you do not make these mistakes.

Image of a Ford Ecosport and a Honda WRV in Dong, Arunachal Pradesh
Photo from my recent trip to Dong Valley where we rented a Ford Ecosport and a Honda WRV from Ahija Car Rentals Guwahati.

It's planning time for a new trip, and you're excited. A new journey awaits. You're preparing for your upcoming vacay, and you decide to hire a car on rent for self-drive in Guwahati. You might be travelling alone or with your family but you must remember that you are going to make many memories in the car. Cars are not just a means of transport, but for the many, they are tools of exploration and a way to experience freedom. Still, most importantly, they are fun to play with. This brings us to point number one:

1) Choosing the wrong car.

The northeastern region of India is full of unexplored paths, and these paths can lead to many mind-blowing destinations. These paths, although beautiful, aren't friendly.

If the destination of your choice has a paved road that is in good condition, you can choose to rent a Sedan or a Hatchback which will give you the most mileage possible. You can zip through traffic in no time. Easy to park and easy to drive.

On the other hand, if you know the road is not going to be smooth and there unpaved roads or slightly broken roads, you will need something with higher ground clearance. For the highways that aren't in the best of its condition, a compact SUV could be a great choice. It will come with the flexibility of a hatchback with the ground clearance and power of an SUV. Well, not as powerful as an SUV, but it gets the job done. So you're sorted.

But if you're planning to drive to Tawang or maybe Menchuka or any place where the roads are going to be scary, broken, muddy and unpaved, you're gonna need an SUV. The ground clearance that the SUV will offer will be crucial in those bad roads. You need more torque to climb up those rocky and muddy terrains, and only an SUV can provide you with the stability and power required. Added to the equation, the fact that SUVs are rear-wheel drive, it becomes a no-brainer to choose one because a rear-wheel-drive system offers better traction and handling of power.

Some cars for you to keep an eye on:

Popular Sedans and Hatchbacks that are great in its class: Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i10, Hyundai i20 and Ford Figo, to name a few.

In the section of Compact SUV, Ford Ecoport and Honda WRV are both excellent choices. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza is a right choice too if you want to compromise on fun for some better mileage. Hyundai Creta might be the most comfortable among all the three.<