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Ahija Startup

Ahija is a Startup

    Ahija is more of a travel and tourism company in it's heart than just a bike rental or a car rental company. Ahija was founded to solve the problems that people face while venturing into the northeastern region of India. The Northeast India is blooming with treks, mountains, rivers, valleys or with nature in general nut due to the general lack of knowledge and documentation, the northeastern region still remains inaccessible to many. Ahija is here to change that. It's here to make Northeast India acccessible to explorers, adventure junkies, travel bagpackers and tourists in general.

    So what better way to facilitate exploration than to provide the tools to explore. The tools are the vehicles, the cars, the motorcycles, the scoters and any means of transport that can get you from point A to point B reliably, comfortably and safely. This is exactly what Ahija offers.

and just like any startup, it needs your support and love.

Ahija Idea


    Ahija with its technology-first philosophy has always promoted the use of the latest technology available to accomplish any given task. Ahija launched back in 3rd July 2017 through the mobile app first because things are always easy through an app. Whether it is to book a movie ticket or maybe rent a motorcycle, an app is always the preferrd choice.

    Ahija has always heavily invested in technology, user experience, software and design and will continue to push the boundaries.

    Software and technology are one of the core areas Ahija excels and focuses on.


    Teamwork is another key place Ahija focuses on and religiously relies upon.

"No machine can replace a human". Ahija truly believes that some jobs are always better handled by humans. Hence even though we have a technology-first approach, real teamwork has always been the backbone of Ahija.

    Team Ahija is a team of  dedicated, focused, passion-driven and genuinely hard-working individuals.

Ahija Teamwork
Ahija Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

    Word-of-Mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising. We truly believe, if you genuinely love our services, you will come back for more and get your friends along as well.

    At Ahija, the customer is always at the centre and everything that we do is always for the benefit of the customer and his/her safety.

    Our splendid ratings in both Google Maps and Google Play Store speaks volumes of our customer-focused attitude.

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